Defend yourself

Safe riders have a defensive attitude. The goal of defensive driving is to accommodate other drivers. Not to maintain your road "rights". Not to win the race. Not to be superior. Not to look good. To accommodate is to consider, compensate for, adjust to or adapt to one's surroundings.

When the pot hits the rock, the pot breaks

In the reality outside courtrooms, whose fault an accident is doesn't matter. When the pot hits the rock, the pot breaks, regardless of fault. On a motor-cycle, you are "the pot". In evolution, those who adapt survive, and live to fight another day.

Accommodate others

The defensive driver flows on the road like water

In this view, everyone else on the road is "The World". If the World is bigger than you, then adapt. Don't try to dominate. Domination may work for a while, but eventually it always fails. The defensive driver flows on the road like water. Water flows around barriers. If it cannot go left it goes right. If it cannot go under it goes over. It offers no resistance, but always finds a way. Other people make errors and do stupid things because they are human. You must accommodate for that. You are human too, so when you also do stupid things, hopefully others will accommodate you.

Forget your ego

If you get upset when someone cuts you off, or whatever, the "offense" is to your ego. Your ego is your idea of yourself, as someone important, who should not be cut off. The ego is your imaginary idea of yourself. It is inherently false. We all want to think we are great, but actually we are like leaves in a forest, or grains of sand on a beach. Why should one leaf worry if another falls faster?

Your offended ego is an imaginary thing - it doesnt really exist

When riding a motorcycle, your ego, youridea of yourself, doesn't count for much. In fact, it can kill you. The ground doestn know or care how great you are. Asphalt is not impressed by ego. So when some driver offends you remember, your offended ego is an imaginary thing. It doesnt really exist. So if a car speeds past you, let them go. They once had a race between a racing bike and a racing car, and the bike won. There is no need to prove a bike is faster than a car.

Defensive driving

Defensive driving is about working with the world. It is not just hanging back and driving slow. Sometimes you speed ahead, sometimes you pull back, always you adapt. Those around you define it. Defensive driving is an attitude to the world that blends you with it in a positive way.