This chapter is about riding better, about learning. To be a good student of life you have to know you dont know. Babies learn a lot because they dont think they know. A lot of people think they know and so dont learn. Why should you learn, if you feel you already know?

People dont like to feel stupid. They like to feel smart. Yet look at us, the human race. Stupid is our middle name! For every clever thing we do there is another stupidity. We are clever compared to animals, but compared to a Universe that has run for billions of years, we are not clever at all. For a start, it was apparently created out of nothing, in the "Big Bang". How did that happen? Scientists have no idea at all how matter, electric charge or gravity come about. A great mystery in physics today is whether empty space is empty. This all doesnt mean scientists know nothing - they know a lot. But the best scientists know clearly that they dont know, and that is what makes them the best.