Motorcycle Advantages

Riding a motorcycle has many advantages over a car, including:

  • Cheaper to run
  • Easier to repair
  • Easier to park
  • Harder to tow
  • Can stop anywhere
  • More flexible in traffic
  • Less boring
  • Looks cool

Cheaper to run

Motorcycles use much less petrol than cars

Motorcycles usually use less half the petrol a car would. A motorcycle saves money you would otherwise burn up in smoke. It also saves your country money, as if a more people rode motorcycles, our dependence on foreign oil would reduce. Motorcycle riders are leaders in conservation.

Easier to maintain

In many ways, a motorcycle is only half a car

Motorcycles are easier to repair. Firstly the engine is more accessible. You go to the bike, pull off a side cover or seat, and there is the engine. Secondly, there is less to maintain, e.g. two wheels not four. In many ways, a motorcycle is only half a car. If your costs for routine maintenance are not less than for a car, consider a new garage. Finally, many repairs you can do yourself, like changing spark plugs or fitting a new battery.

Easier to park

People who take half an hour to get to work, may take as long to find a park

Motorcycles are easier to park than cars. People who take half an hour to get to work, may take just as long to find a park. What if you could ride right up to your building, get off, and walk in? For most motorcycle riders this is the case. A bike parks in a third of the space of a car, so you can angle park a hundred bikes where only 30 cars will fit. Even in the busiest of places, there is usually a spot to park a bike.

Harder to tow

Towing a bike can be a drag

Being towed is a reality of life (along with death and taxes). If you are the wrong place at the wrong time you will be towed. For cars, they just lift the front or back, and tow it off. Towing a big bike is little more difficult. They can't just drag it away. It must be winched onto a trailer, and then carted off. If you chain the bike to a fixture, like lamppost, it is even more difficult to tow, as the chain must be cut. Towing a bike can be a drag. However it is not impossible, so be careful.

Can stop anywhere

On a bike you can pull over anytime

The ability to pull over anytime is a real bonus. Imagine cruising a big city on a bike, and you get lost. On a bike you can pull over anytime, look around, read road signs and check map directions. In a car, stopping in a city will usually block the traffic flow. When a bike pulls over, traffic flows around it, but in a car, the traffic flow forces you on, even in directions you don’t want to go! Sometimes people end up miles from where they want to be, simply because they could not stop and review their situation. Even on narrow city streets, a motorcycle can pull onto the sidewalk, for a brief “reconnaissance”. Riders can stop and look around, when a car must press on. This is great for sightseeing and looking around new places.

Flexible in traffic

In jams, a motorcycle can usually wend its way forward

It is a terrible feeling of helplessness, being in a stationary line of cars with some block up ahead. Maybe someone had a crash. In a car, you have to wait, however long it takes. You dont even know how many miles the line stretches ahead. However in jams, a motorcycle can usually wend its way forward, which is why traffic police in many cities have returned to using motorcycles, some after not using them for many years.

A motorcycle needs only half the space of a car to move

Traffic flexibility is why many cities are bringing back motorcycle police - they can go where cars cant. A motorcycle needs only half the space of a car to move. Another city situation is when drivers move into an intersection center when they cant move out the other side. When the lights change, they just sit there, blocking the other way drivers, who honk them. However a motorcycle can move forward through the gaps (and also honk them). It is a rare case where a motorcycle has no movement options at all - after all, you can even get off the bike and walk it along!

Less boring

Motorcycles wake you up

The main cause of car accidents is inattention. Falling asleep at the wheel, often momentarily, happens more often than most people think. A car is comfortable, so if you are tired, your body tells you it is time to take a nap. Unfortunately, even a brief mini-nap can put you into oncoming traffic. In contrast, motorcycles wake you up, as on a bike you feel the wind, the wet, and the cold! So you are less likely to nod off “at the handlebars” than at the wheel. Riding can be unpleasant, but boring it is not, and this is an advantage.

Looks cool

What girl wants to arrive looking like the thing from the swamp?

The bad-boy rider certainly has appeal, but riding to look cool, and attract the opposite sex, is a poor reason to ride, as “showing off” makes you do stupid things, that defy common sense, like "wheelies". You already have two wheels instead of four, why cut it down to one?

If you want get girls, get a car. Girls are more comfortable in a car for a start. There is not much conversation on a bike (some guys find that a plus). Putting on a helmet messes up hair and make-up. Riding picks up road dirt. Those spare gloves can smell If it rains, forget taking your girlfriend on a bike – unless it is a test of love. What girl wants to arrive at a party looking like the thing from the swamp?