3 Readiness

Bike safety depends on readiness
Readiness is being prepared for what might happen

Armed with a healthy attitude, the next thing is to be ready. Readiness is being prepared for what might happen. You must expect the unexpected, for it is sure to occur. If you are just starting, some of the following may not apply. Maybe you dont ride when it rains. Maybe you dont ride in snow. Maybe you never carry luggage. Yet readiness is all about maybes and the longer you ride the more often maybes occur. In the MAIDS-study  24% of accidents involved riders with less than six months experience, so for a start avoid bad weather, heavy traffic, night riding, passengers and awkward luggage. Readiness includes protective gear like jacket, helmet, gloves and boots, luggage, maintenance and advanced skills. It starts before you even get on the motorcycle, when you buy your bike in the first place.

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