Thank you for a logical approach to biking

Brian, thank you for taking the time to design a site dedicated to a logical approach to biking.

Most of the internet sites today seem to be focused on promoting fear of motorcycling. As a retired 30 year veteran of law enforcement (most of it in patrol division) I think I know a little about what causes accidents and I totally agree with you. Most of my police career was spent in a patrol car (never a m/c officer), but I have ridden my own bike. I can personally testify to the fact that m/c crashes can hurt and crutches are no fun to walk with!

I’ve had the sad experienced of investigating a young man’s death; the result of carelessness on his motorcycle. I have seen many more die in auto accidents than motorcycle accidents. Believe me when I say I know that operating any motor vehicle on the highways of the U.S. is can be dangerous. It can also be fun.

I turned 68 a few months ago and I just bought a new touring bike. I am looking forward to a long summer of fresh air and wide open spaces. In my more mature years I stick to riding the back roads and small towns in my home State of Idaho. Strictly recreation, I think I know my limitations. As long as my health holds out I plan to keep on keepin’ on!