The problem with the motorcycle industry in general

Hi, I wanted to comment on your web site and motorcycle safety. Some motorcycles can have a better view, to avoid accidents and trouble, but I think you are missing some important factors. You say a rider is usually higher than a car driver and so has a better view, that riders have no car body around them to create vision blind sports, and that a bike can move left or right in the lane for a better view if a truck blocks your vision.

Motorcycles like BMWs 650s, 700 and 800 models, and other standup posture vehicles, like the Honda nx700 or the Kawasaki Versys would be safer than high speed vehicles like the Hyabusa or the low riding custom choppers or most of the Harley Davidson motorcycles.

The problem with the motorcycle industry in general, and separate manufacturers is that there seems to be no effort to determine which motorcycles are safer, and get into fewer accidents. It seems that, with cooperation from emergency services – police, fire departments, this would be data that could be easily obtained. In fact, I think you will find that most requests for this kind of information is generally met with hostility from traditional motor manufacturers and dealerships, like Harley Davidson. If you don’t believe me, walk into a local H-D dealership and see what they say.

BMW dealerships have a much different attitude about safety, including focusing on a promoting high visibility clothing. I think that in general, BMW riders are going to be safer, because it’s part of the lifestyle. There isn’t a focus on looking dark and black. This means that BMW riders, in general, are going to be more visible to automobile drivers.